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Plains of America
copyright June 2006, Roy Stucky

I stand on the plains of America
Surrounded by a thousand miles
That lie along the richest soils on Earth.

Root of this land feeds a nation
That could crush the world with its boot
Yet wears a face lined with concern
To learn the fate of the sparrow that's resting
On his outstretched palm -
On his outstretched palm.

The strength of this nation's inexorable
Like the tide reaching out for a stick.
The only fight this giant can lose
Is being taken sick.

The pulse of colossus beats under our feet,
Hear his breath in the roar of the storm.
Watch him turn as the waves through the wheat fields roll
Like the touch of a soul tries to trace its form.

The call on this nation will not be recalled.
Its reward is found in its ward
Who shouts while tilt-tugging a swing.
The cycles will sway but the set will stay
Like the guide of the kite is its string.

The spear and the spoon must move in tune
In a world where a missile's our fist.
The red of this dawn as it touches my lawn
Hues the tawn of the deer bending grass in the mist.

I am at peace with this.

I stand on the plains of America.

Anyone not motivated by hate can see that alone of all world powers, the U.S.A. does not use its military to subjugate peoples, with the exception of Native Americans. Were we like China or the USSR or Britain or Spain or Rome, Europe would be a vassal state, Canada a province, and Mexico a labor camp. Were we to use our military as a tool of extermination, who could stop us? The only weapons that work against us are the very weapons that testify to the fact that we are not cold blooded killers.