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Only Room I Know
© November 13, 2008, Roy Stucky

The only room I know
Starts looking rather strange.
I failed at first to note
When things began to change.

The walls are indistinct
And I exist alone.
Then suddenly I think
I must be far from home.

I see an endless city
Combat a star-lit sky,
Then sink inside that room
But this time wonder why.

A shoreline writes in water
That scribes my given rune.
I'm deep beneath the waves
But hope to surface soon.

The sea provokes an echo
As walls melt down to mist.
I stand upon a ship
Still righting from a list.

Spheres in quick succession
Engulf me in a past.
Through fog I see as far
As rigging snares the mast.

The ship goes back to whaling
The oceans in my head.
The sails return to sheets
That hold me to my bed.