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Ocean of Our Pain
© July 14, 2008, Roy Stucky

The spin while Iím descending adds confusion to the fall.
Emotion pulsing oceans sound a fog shipís final call.
Their liquid leaves no corner of my soul the least bit dry,
But I canít seem to stop the current pouring through my eye.

We are all the world apart
Yet share the same travail.
Our all too human hearts
Beat against the jail.

My hands canít seem to find the strength to clench upon the net.
The battle is decided since my powderís gotten wet.
My eyes are on my past decisions while my future sinks.
The deep that drags a man obtains its grip on how he thinks.

The leaping revolution
Runs on human tears
That lubricate the wheels
That press upon the gears.

These days who knows the luxury of knowing whoís their friend
When treachery destroys all those who let themselves depend?
So when you choose to lean upon the shoulders of the crowd
Expect to learn the truthís a castle built upon a cloud.

Sometimes the human thing to do
Is simply to resist.
Sometimes the better road to take
Is simply to persist.
Sometimes the price of passage
Seems to be a human soul.
But metal minds are brittle
And unworthy of control.

The ocean of our painís a blade that plunges in the deep.
The pride of our intention seems to bleed into our sleep.
Some boats are being launched to sail against that bitter tide,
But nothing is accomplished unless Godís the chosen guide.