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Music in Collision
© July 24, 2007, Roy Stucky

Music in collision
With the puppet rows,
Whose eyes don't close
While kissing crows.

Tones are clipped.
Bones are stripped.
Runes are ripped from the pack and made facecard clowns.
Tunes are flipped on their back and played upside down.

Music in collision
With the cyberborg,
Electric horde
With drug reward.

Notes are bent.
Notes are sent.
Notes are spent on the gleaming beads wealth provides.
Notes present deeper meanings need has defied.

Music in collision
As thought patrols
Dump burning coals
In hollow souls.


("Puppet rows" is nuance of puppet show, which is the manipulation of things without choice. Also, "Puppet rows" ties to "kissing crows" as poor scarecrows, which are eaters of carrion. "Drug reward" is a nuance of soma from Brave New World along with a nuance of Prozac.)