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© May 16, 2008, Roy Stucky

There's a wisdom robot thinkers think that they no longer need.
Carnal fruit from human hearts contains destruction in its seed.
Every day we lose a truth that's too organic for our thought -
Yet another step from Eden and the Garden we forgot.

What is sad is that we're smug about our poverty and loss
When in fact we fell so far we can't climb out but by the Cross.
As the people type in letters to the editor you read
How those simple minded Christians are a danger to our greed.

Sir postmodern man of genius please come pat me on the head.
Yes I see you are a genius and I'm eager to be led.
Don't you know my superstition has me fitted for a crutch?
I am so far gone that I believe in things I cannot touch.

Do not leave me here to suffer from my quaint old fashioned guilt.
So transport me to the paradise technology has built.
Since my weak mind is suggestible to any point of view,
Please explain to me why still I doubt the words I hear from you.

I went looking for some comfort so I chose to make up Hell.
Then I added in a perfect God Who knows me all too well.
But I couldn't seem to stop when I was clearly on a roll,
So I added for my comfort to demand impulse control.

I am sure that this will sell since none like doing their own thing.
I have never met a soul you could convince they should be king.
I take comfort in believing I will stand before a throne
Where I'll answer for my thoughts and every time I threw a stone.

Now I feel better.
My comfort's complete.
I've destroyed
My chance to cheat.
Now I feel better.
Now I can sleep
Since making a standard
I cannot keep.

I forgot the clinching proof this phantom God comes from a pen -
That monogamy historically is popular with men.
Did you think up what you're saying or did someone tell it thee?
I'm surprised to find you blind to what has been and what will be.



"The old beliefs in the value of the individual soul faded..."
Aldous Huxley



God (forever and ever)
The Holy Bible

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)
Ape and Essence (1948)