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Emerald Machinations
© March 15, 2008, Roy Stucky

Covert operations will begin at dawn.
Emerald machinations once the curtainís drawn.
Cloak and dagger dancers slink across the floor.
The clothes they wear are stunning but their insideís poor.

Who can strip the layers of this masquerade?
Who can see the world that men have really made?
The wizards are afraid that youíll detect the fake.
The gamblerís one concern is to protect their stake.

Whereís the balloon?
How can I fly?
Iíve got to leave soon
Or at least give it a try.

Whereís the balloon?
Too weak to walk.
I hear the tune
But canít follow the talk.

Whereís the balloon?
The time when Iím not running is spent looking at the sky.
The quest entails a world that nails its blindness to your eye.
The people here are strange and yet I feel weíve met before.
I wonder who Iíd see if I could look into their core?

Whereís the balloon
That will take me back home?
Iíve made some good friends but Iíll leave here alone.
Did the oracle lie?
Did the ocean run dry?
Can you tell which side is the dream?
When we talk do you see what I mean?



Write Out Loud - Stage 9 with Bluebird Books and Hutchinson Public Library
April 18, 2019, Hutchinson, Kansas
Recited poem.