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Little Mad Architect
© August 23, 2007, Roy Stucky

One little mad architect
Suffered from scorn and neglect.
One little mad architect
Plotted but could not connect.

The sun rose across the great city from me
And pointed with shadows the path of the day.
I wanted to turn 'round and follow it's lead
But rather pressed on in the opposite way.

Runnin' 'round
Forgetting why
Solid ground
Has been the one desire that never dies.

I'm living in a bottle
Far from all that I can see.
I'm not touching anyone
And no one touches me.

Shaken not stirred -
Can't hear a word.
Thought your lips moved
But that can't be proved.

The gambler's debt bets all he's found.
The builder's sweat wets fallow ground.
The tyrant's fear steers what is read.
The wise man's ear hears all that's said.

The sun rose across the great city today,
And though it brought light it aimed shadows at me.
It seemed I was headed the opposite way
From all I had thought that I needed to be.

Stop and start,
Feed my pride.
Torn apart
By the flaws I see when I look inside.

If my walls were made of brick
You could see what's in the way.
But the crystal coffin's clear
Though it won't go away.

Shaken not stirred -
Haven't you heard?
I'm tumbled too much
But not by a touch.

Shaken not stirred -
It's just a matter of time
'Til I go out of my mind.
Give all I possess
For one caress.

I'm the crossroad of choice,
The intersection of realms.
The consequence of voice
Just overwhelms me.

The ordered hand
That works its will on wood and sand
Teaches time to stay.

The artistry
Of a daub of paint or poetry
Takes my breath away.

I find my heart demanding
They capture understanding
And open up its secrets for display.

Identities make signs
That live inside designs
To guide us to the souls inside this clay.

So I shake my soul -
Renew the quest.
Being whole
Is a goal that eclipses all the rest.

Roll it over,
The walls I built around my heart.
Roll it over,
So I can make a brand new start.
Roll it over,
The pride to try it on my own.
Roll it over,
The drive to serve myself alone.

I'm a child of the dance,
The intersection of realms.
The scope within my glance
Is what compels me.

The gravity that pulls on me
Has drained my last reserve.
The gravity that pulls on me
Makes it hard to preserve
My hold on normal things.

My eyes are locked on magic rings.


"You can't know people. You can only get to know them."
Peter Kreeft



God (forever and ever)
The Holy Bible

Peter Kreeft (1937-living)
C.S. Lewis For The Third Millennium (1994)