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Bubble shows staying in the herd does not bring safety. The "stone" is both a millstone around her neck for offending the children, and also solidified lava. The Bubble is really a furnace. The connection with Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" is rich. The powerful people. The hostile world outside. The revelers. And of course, being trapped inside your defenses with a pestilence. Those who rely on the world are like the prince with his careful, yet utterly vain preparations.

Line 1 - I am materially pessimistic yet spiritually optimistic. There is no hope in Aristotle, per Raphael's School of Athens, because this world is going to burn. But spiritually we triumph because Jesus has overcome this world and will reign forever. So the fundamental choice about ultimate reality goes to Plato. If you take Aristotle's branch, you go wrong right from the start. As have the powers of the world.

Line 2 - People mock God's return because it has 'taken so long'. Again, this is the fundamentally unsound view of a materialist. The spiritual understand that while God will not forever strive with man, He is longsuffering and willing that none should perish. But as in the days of Noah, until God shut the door, the world mocks those who try to warn them.

Line 3 - Sheep fail to understand the longer it has been since a shearing, the more imminent becomes that event.

Line 4 - That spiritual drowsiness makes it very difficult for the materialist to focus on events. This song locks in on something highly misunderstood, namely interconnectedness.

Line 5 - The "empire" is Rome. The history of Rome casts a giant shadow over the U.S.A. We live in Rome Mark II. See the Epiphany album for another type of Mark II. We have an increasingly centralized power, an apathetic hedonistic population, and barbarians at the gates.

Line 6 - The intent is to connect this Roman imagery with that of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the giant with a head of gold and feet of iron mixed with clay. Flying into the face of the materialist's myth of evolution in all things, progress, this connection pays homage to the great devourer entropy. The former state was greater than the present, where we live in the age of clay and iron instead of gold. This decay, the true ruler the materialists ignore, is driven by the radiation of power. It rots the bones.

Line 7 and 8 - When power has the reach to join with the common man, though in completely unequal alliance, then no thoughts are safe from the scrutiny of the Overlord. When the eye of Sauron falls on you, your colleagues will sell you out for a bowl of soup.

Line 9 - The celebrated interconnectivity of the materialists is really just forcing everyone to breath the same air. The bubble intended to keep out pathogens has been breached. This environment is now a pathogen's dream. The intention of "flares" is the one bright light before a flame that has nearly run out of oxygen consumes the last and expires. Back in the heady days of the Enlightenment it appeared no problem would withstand rationalistic materialism. But Carl Sagan's beloved candle in the darkness guttered in Auschwitz.

Line 10 - "Advancing words" are the promises of progress. But the ideology of progress devours whole civilizations. The technological societies consume a percentage of the world's resources all out of keeping with their population. In the bubble, these progress ideologues talk so much about how we must share the oxygen that they consume all the oxygen.

Line 11 - The bubble is a complex system for doing what healthy people do on their own with little thought and far higher reliability. Thus also a city, where complex systems take the place of simple rural rhythms. Complexity kills. The urban systems create dependent populations. That dependency opens such populations to manipulation and outright coercion. But there is a much deeper aspect of the truth that complexity kills. Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith is just too simple for the mocking arrogance of the thoroughly modern man.

Line 12 - "Chains of chosen color" represent the great societal divide between the good of the many and the rights of the few. Orwell's 1984 showed a conforming society. In contrast our society appears to be disintegrating due to the multitude of options available to our citizens. In the actual year 1984, many snob nosed columnists mocked Orwell's vision as being utterly wrong about today's reality. The snobs were blind to two key points. First, the majority of the human race lived under exactly such governments through the USSR and Red China, and their slave satellites. So from a count standpoint, Orwell was heartrendingly accurate and the columnists foolish. Second, in the 'free world' our diversity is superficial while our conformity is profound. In other words, we readily confuse the ability to choose the color of our chains with actual freedom from wearing chains. One deep look at our mass society makes it clear our globalized populace is being fed processed bread and given stylized circuses to distract us from the massive concentration of vast powers. You are allowed to choose from rock or country or jazz because that choice is meaningless. While the chain rattles reality TV, the tune is not new. It was formerly called Circus Maximus.

Line 13 - What is the first thing we do with new discoveries like metal? See if they can be fashioned into weapons. The age of metal, now in the mind as well as the fist, reveals half of all scientists work for the military. But their knowledge is "honest" because it is, purportedly, objective.

Line 14 - Science talks about peace and opening avenues of understanding all the while reaching for their weaponry revenue.

Line 15 - Many people will now tell you they define 'real' as 'what is generally accepted by scientists'. In this they believe lies freedom from superstition. I picture a cow walking along in some mad game of hot and cold limiting her travels so as to maximize her master's applause.

Line 16 - Such herd limits are the ideologies of cowards. Such cowards allow herd consensus to determine the nature of their very soul. The irony is that this is precisely the 'received doctrine' they are so smug about avoiding, but with the certainty it was wrong yesterday and may well be wrong again tomorrow. A netherworld life.

Line 17 - The air leaks out flaws in modern materialism. The image is, again, that time is running out.

Line 18 - People feel something is just not right. But we look at our neighbours, and see the same confident false face we ourselves wear. And are thus, utterly irrationally, fooled. 'Am I the only one who feels this way?' So we do our best to find a place to hide from the raptors of sudden destruction. When we hear that cry in the air we know someone is going down. We hope our number is not up. This we call living.

Line 19 - The attempt here is to make the theme more explicit. Materialistic globalization makes the mighty susceptible to the ills developed by the weak.

Line 20 - 'But we chose it to be this way. Well, someone smarter and more powerful chose it to be this way. Well, that's just the way it is. Are you trying to stand in the way of progress?' Now it becomes apparent we bought into the process by choosing the color of our chains. But we are not satisfied. Yet we are accessories. We are culpable. We have incriminated ourselves. and we end our stammering by sitting back down.

Line 21 and 22 - Enter the lovely modern world of the inherently contradictory. As the herd applauds for an ever narrower range of movement, we find they have in the end discarded everything.

Line 23 - Today's hive is a volcano with lava for honey. What our labor achieves is to obliterate everything around us. Our fruit is T.S. Eliot wasteland.

Line 24 - Jesus said it would be better for someone who leads astray the children to have a millstone hung around their neck and be thrown into the sea. The stylish woman of today, with her utter selfishness and abortions has purchased a great weight for her neck. The lava eventually solidifies. "Barely suited" however does not merely refer to her state of dress. It is also that she is maladapted.

Line 25 - So let us celebrate our wonderful bubble!

Line 26 - Intoxicated by our cleverness, we will discard all the higher parts of our being like mind, soul, will, spirit.

Line 27 - And while we party, Poe's Masque of the Red Death comes amongst us.

Line 28 - Choosing the color lends us no advantage toward breaking our chains. When the ship sinks it will drag us down too.

Line 29 - The "method" is the scientific method. Which serves republics and dictatorships with equal aplomb. Remember Nazis science?

Line 30 - Once all our Federalist Number Ten factions unite behind the great leader, soon the angel will stand with one foot on the sea and the other on the shore and declare there will be time no more.

Line 31 - But Jesus made a door through which we can leave the bubble.

Line 32 - And that is the only way out.

Line 33 - The bubble's nature should now be plain.

Line 34 - It is a Jim Jones' bubble.

Line 35 - The ten kings who give their power to the Beast. And a play on Tolkien's Nazgul.

Line 36 - And the device used to snare the Nazgul to their doom.

Now some levels. A play on words is that of an expanding market. The bubble always bursts eventually. The age of the Gentiles is overdue to burst. If you are dependent on that system it will drag you down with it. In this context the air inside the bubble is what causes it to expand. In a market context, this is a logical but false belief that everything is going to work out ok. This ties back to the main level in that we continue to connect ourselves more and more deeply to the world's system. We know this to have proven a disaster for some people. But we hope against hope that it will not happen to us.

The main level is that of the boy in the bubble. He cannot cope with pathogens. This creates an extreme dependence on a complex and obviously fragile system. Now imagine a group of people have come to share the bubble. It is likely they have brought in pathogens with them, so the bubble is a barrier to escape rather than to entry. This ties to the idea that the Enlightenment solution has become a cage rather than a key. This is a metaphor on globalization. By subscribing to a mechanical model that considers barriers as the enemy, we have ignored the biological model that sees barriers as a means of limiting the spread of pathogens.

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