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Transapparent: A Novel for Three-Dimensional Christians

© 1983-2011, Roy Stucky

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Demonstrate your superiority! This novel is by one of those simple-minded Christians. A wily sceptic like yourself should have no trouble understanding the work of a simple-minded man. Read if you dare. Test your understanding against the descriptions found here at www.MirrorCovenant.com so you can be sure you caught the author's intent. Read and refute!

Transapparent follows people lost upon the flat Earth of human wisdom to their encounter with Jesus alive in all dimensions. These layers speak in lyrics as well as prose. Though He accepts the simple, God is not simple.

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Matthew 10:16

Transapparent blends the stories of several characters seeking fulfillment. Their interior journeys map the hidden shapes of their souls. If you like to think then you owe yourself the chance to journey with them. It may be that their relationships with God will illuminate your own relationship with the Lord of Creation.

It was an age when everything was known but nothing understood. Choices multiplied; decisions withered. Roadblocks were shattered but the maps were burned. In such an age, our own, the traveler found it easy to move but hard to arrive. In such an age, our own, truth was worshiped yet denied. This is the story of a search for the foundation in a land where all bedrock had been pounded into sand. This is the story of a restoration.

The 6th Edition became available as a paperback in 2019.

"Bildungsroman" - A novel about the formation/education/development of its protagonist. Examples include Goetheís Wilhelm Meisterís Apprenticeship and Dickens' David Copperfield.

Alphabetic list of the song lyrics found in Transapparent

  Acoustic Shadows - I heard that a show could be seen here today
  Air Inside The Bubble - It's time to save your soul because this world is going to burn
  All Things New - Our hands in the air
  Armageddon Calls the Crow - You tell me I'm to stand up straight and wait 'til you have dined
  Arrogant Slime - How can it be
  Art of Pantomime - I exist with two dark ends
  Avalanche - Dancing card kaleidoscopes have pulled me out of line.
  Avon in the Round - A single hand is raised

  Babel Upended - There was once a single tongue for every member of our race
  Back Room Invitation - I know that you have questions
  Believe - Disbelief will lay you down
  Between Blackbird - Born between blackbird conception and flight
  Bottom of the Stair - There's a cloud that's floating in the sky
  Breath of Life - All creation awoke on the sixth primal day
  Bury Each Other - I offered up my heart without fear holding any strings

  Calling Out the Modern gods - All the years of blended vision
  Chalcedony Seas - Balance in motion is turning around
  Choose to Fly - Nimbus crags
  Circus Wind - Beneath demands of rigid creeds
  Corner of My Eye - The rhythm of my footsteps
  Crater's Rim - The crater's rim
  Curio Shop - The center of commerce slip shifted its weight
  Curse of Vision In Hell - Something's not right in this place
  Curve of The Earth - This rock feels the teeth of each drop of rain

  A Dancing Colt - I'm pushing at the borders that confine me
  Dark Illumination - I grew up knowing right
  The Dark Wall - There's a wall you can't see over
  Donner Party and LA Riot - Tonight on different channels
  Dragon's Claw - Branches scrape across my face
  Draw Me Forth - The speaking of the strangers fall suddenly still

  Elect - Talk about what lies beneath the surface
  Emerald Machinations - Covert operations will begin at dawn
  Empty My Hands - I know this world is not my home
  Extend The Song - Along the plains and mountains resting

  Family Man - I'm no breeze
  Fate's Disguise - The lamp fills the street with those muscleshirt boys
  Finest Hour - The lines are drawing clear
  Fingertip - Your fingertip approaches like a benediction sign
  Fold - If you choose not to fly
  Forefather's Corner - The woods by day are lazy
  Fossil from a Soul - Beyond a life what spark will last
  Four Walls - My longing ranges far
  Full - When the morning arrives with its fife and its drum

  Genius - There's a wisdom robot thinkers think that they no longer need
  Ghost in Empty Clothes - The longing for the longing
  Ghost of Rome - The Ghost of Rome stalks us
  Give Yourself - I've seen thirty thousand suns arise
  Go Buy Some Clothes - I hear you saying how you're
  Gold Bites the Dust - A youth of frustration becomes good old days
  Gravity Well - My thoughts seem to chase one another around

  Haunted By Charlie - He's staring in the window watching everything I do
  Hid Too Well - Alone in the kingdom I know as myself
  Humpty - Entropy's hold is sure as death

  If He Could - In the dark of the night I remember
  In Though Expected Out - The visor on the helmet opens west into the sky
  Inside of the Mask - The maelstrom that emerges when I close my eyes

  Kafka Fantasy - The sidewalk tells me where I ought to stand

  Let It Go - The pain that fills your eyes
  Little Mad Architect - One little mad architect
  Little Vision - With egos grown so heavy
  The Locked Door - Content in the dark of my monastery

  Madcap Nominee - Today after today I live inside the life I sought
  Mary - Vision and emotion
  Meaningless - Where once he searched for answers
  Medea Media - Coming home at night the lifted latches rise then fall
  Mirror My Old Enemy and Friend - Mirror my old enemy and friend
  Misasa Bridge - Tonight the report that I read
  Music In Collision - Music in collision
  My Red Dress - I have a red dress

  Needle's Eye - There is a gate in the inner wall
  Night Curtain - When night draws back the glowing veil

  Ocean of Our Pain - The spin while Iím descending adds confusion to the fall
  October Dream - In a land where dusky golds and red float
  Only Room I Know - The only room I know
  Open Your Heart - This age drives by in haste

  Pardon - Between all the puppets asleep on their feet
  Performers - Time travel people lost
  Perhaps Then - I wish I was sitting on a lighthouse ledge
  Plague of Buffoons - Each day as experience gains a new rung
  Plains of America - I stand on the plains of America
  Practice Beast - The cult of personality's not easy to escape
  Promised Brand - The rain is like a leaping dog

  Receipts - The time has come when I must stand alone
  Red Moon Rising - There is a red moon rising

  Secret Flame - Mines where greedy metal sleeps
  Second Hand Cassettes - There's a lamentation silently arising from a tomb
  Shrapnel - I know the depth of darkness that consumes your self control
  Signal Flare - A rebel mob has seized the crown
  Signature - The Earth turns it's face to gaze upon the moon
  Silver Light - Silver light and all alone
  Sinai's Mountain - The vision that has changed you
  Sky of Smoke - Some lives are seen through clean air
  Sleeper's Lament - A vapor has lifted
  Soap Bubble Dream - Last night I saw the tally of another man's poll
  Society of Despair - Say wait 'til I'm older
  Sonar of Souls - The water a stone will displace
  Spirits - The dancers augment their commute
  Sphere of Soul - The people around are as hidden as you
  Standing Stone in Winter - The storm that lies between us gleams
  Stasis Quo - The basin's overflowing with your last reserve of tears
  Still Feel the Stone - I walked up to the temple
  Strange Little Secrets - A cave in the hillside spans layers of time
  Sudetenland - Our foes have convinced you to try to break free
  Surprised & Incomplete - I don't know what to say to you
  Swallowed Everything - Hedonism shriveled to

  Take Wing - Love song flow
  Tears for My Totem - Tears for my totem
  There's a World in Here - There's a world in here
  Thin - The walls are very thin
  Thrown Away - From fingers hanging down
  Time To Turn Around - The golden age is not ahead
  Travelogue - I thought that the halls were constructed of stone
  Triggers Mine - Lately days have
  Tyrants Dream of Moses - Power is liquid that finds every crack

  Underground Life - Planted in my underground life
  Unity's Rainbow - The road to reunion has never been paved

  Volcano and the Sea - Fire seems invincible when tearing through the streets

  Wake Up - You never know you've been asleep
  Washed - The sky
  The Water's Skin - I am looking for a passageway whose doors don't close
  Were Confrontation - The scratching at the windows
  What Became - What became of the child

  Years - Once I'd struggled to the summit of heaven

  Zion High - Ascended to the penthouse


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Transapparent: A Novel for Three-Dimensional Christians

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